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Destinations Programme

At The Park Academies Trust, alongside our comprehensive Careers Guidance and Employability Skills Programme, every student accesses a personalised Destinations Programme allowing them the best opportunity to successfully achieve the Post 18 Destination of their choice.    

Our year 12 PSHE programme informs students of the range Post 18 Destinations available.  A variety of seminars delivered by the sixth form pastoral team, outside speakers and sixth form alumni provide outstanding impartial advice while work place experience and university visits further enhance the understanding of all destination pathways.

Destinations Week provides our students with personalised support in completing their Post 18 Destination application, the programmes on offer are tailored for each destination type.  University applicants receive expert advice, support and guidance from the sixth form pastoral team and attend seminars delivered by our university partners, PiXL6 and sixth form alumni.  Students applying to apprenticeships or employment receive expert advice on how to search for relevant opportunities, create an outstanding Personal Profile and C.V. and prepare for interviews.  Formal interviews are conducted by HR teams from Vets4Pets, Nationwide, Excalibur, Education Business Partnership and Great Western Hospital. 

Our year 13 PSHE programme prepares our students for their futures through personalised support for their Post 18 Destination.  Our series of Education for Life lessons include: Budgeting & Finance, Tax & Welfare, Local & National Politics, Health Away From Home, Independent Living, Taking a Gap Year and Becoming a Former Student.

Outside of the classroom students are supported in applying for university enhancement programmes and summer schools (University of Oxford, University of Bath, University of Bristol, University of Reading & University of Southampton) and kept up-to-date with apprenticeship open evenings.

All year 13 students are assigned a Post 18 Destination mentor who they attend regular one to one meetings with to ensure a successful transition on to their chosen Post 18 Destination pathway.

Destination Programme

  • Level 6 Qualified delivery of Careers and Post 18 guidance
  • Access to &
  • High Performance Academy (HPA)
  • An introduction to employability skills (PSHE programme)
  • Mentoring Programme (regular one to one mentoring during which Post 18 Destination research / preparation / applications and employability skills will be reviewed and developed)
  • University widening participation programmes (University of Bath, University of Bristol & University of Reading)
  • Headstart Programme
  • Employer encounter assembly programme
  • Guest Speakers (University partners, Study Higher Programme, PiXL6, Vets4Pets, Arval, Excalibur, EBP, Great Western Hospital, NCS, Alumni)
  • EPQ University Research Trip (University of Southampton)
  • The Park Academies Trust Careers, Apprenticeship & University Fair
  • Destinations Expo (Careers & Enterprise Company & Education Business Partnership)
  • UCAS Convention (University of Bath)
  • Post 18 Destinations Week
  • PiXL6 (Peter Rawling) – Getting into the Top Universities / Prospective Medics, Dentists, Biomedical Scientists & Veterinarians / The Personal Statement – Student Conference
  • Enrichment programme
  • Work experience partners
  • Voluntary work / work experience placements

University Open Days are extremely valuable in gaining all of the relevant information and the LPA Sixth Form actively encourages students to attend these events.