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Degree Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is essentially a job with significant training and the opportunity to develop transferable skills.  It’s a way for people to earn an income whilst also gaining a qualification.  Apprentices must be at least 16 years old and they must be paid for the duration of the programme.  The degree apprenticeship is an avenue open to sixth form students on completion of their A level studies.  The major difference between an apprenticeship and a degree apprenticeship being the student gains a degree qualification paid for by the employer, saving an estimated £50,000 of student debt, and is likely to secure employment with a top UK employer.  For example, Jaguar Land Rover’s Engineering Degree Apprenticeship scheme has a starting salary of £18,500 per year, increasing by 10% every 6 months.  Apprentices are expected to earn over £35k per year on completion of the course.

The degree apprenticeship is a post 18 destination pathway in which TPAT Sixth Form has a proven track record and last year a number of our students were successful in securing placements in engineering to insurance.

Daniel Keller

Degree Apprenticeships Overview (90KB)

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