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PSHE Programme

Our bespoke sixth form PSHE programme enables students to access a range of talks, presentations, workshops and enrichment opportunities which help guide them through sixth form life and prepare them for life beyond. At the heart of our programme is the objective to nurture our students’ personal, social, moral and cultural dimension whilst in our care.

A main part of our curriculum guides and supports students through their Post 18 choice. Our career pathways allow students to choose an appropriate action plan to lead them successfully on to their destination at the end of the sixth form. The schedule also offers advice on health and well-being, preparing them for life after sixth form and also has a clear focus on guiding students through examinations by reinforcing study skills and the importance of personal organisation.

Coming together regularly as a year group also engenders a team spirit – a sense of community and belonging, where we can celebrate achievement in the spirit of our school’s values.

Our programme is continually being updated to keep in touch with today’s society. We hope our programme instils and develops in students the skills, knowledge and qualities that help equip them to confidently face and embrace modern Britain.

Integrated into our PSHE programme are the following strands:

PiXL Endurance – a strategy designed to help students develop exam related stamina and resilience in the period before they take exams.

PiXL Health and Wellbeing – an expansive suite of resources to help build resilience and promote health, mental wellbeing and positive lifestyle choices amongst students. 

PiXL Metacognition – developing students’ ability to be explicitly aware of how they learn and how to actively monitor their own learning.  

Unifrog – helping students find their future.  An online resource that collates all the available Post-18 information into one single, impartial, user-friendly platform that helps students to make the best choices, and submit the strongest applications.

Download the latest Year 12 and Year 13 PSHE programmes below.

Year 12 PSHE programme (253KB)

PSHE overview for Year 12

Year 13 PSHE Programme (254KB)

PSHE overview for Year 13