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Underpinning Strategies

Through our association with Alps Connect and PiXL Post-16 we have adopted the following strategies and resources to support our students in developing their Character, Culture & Currency (3Cs). 

Currency (blue inner circle)

Alps Connect Interactive: a student centred aspirational tracking system for progression and achievement.   

RSL (Raising Standards Leader)/KS5 Leaders Meetings: termly meetings between the RSL and KS5 Leaders to identify students who are Academic Concerns, performing below their Alps Minimum Expected Grade (MEG).  Intervention strategies agreed by all parties to support progress.

PiXL SIR (Student Impact Report) & Subject Intervention Clinics: SIR used to monitor and track agreed intervention strategies.   Timetabled intervention clinics during session 6 to support progress.

PiXL Independence, Knowledge & Unlock and The Memory Clock: a suite of independent revision resources, including differentiated revision mats, past paper examination questions and key vocabulary, designed to support independent work. 

PPEs (Pre-Public Examinations): formal mock examinations.

Character & Culture (grey outer circle)

PiXL Gateway: a strategy designed to create a seamless transition between Y11-Y12, Y12-Y13 and Y13-Higher Education.

PiXL Stretch: a strategy which encourages students to be “stretched” intellectually and to experience and learn about new innovations, ideas, research and people. 

PiXL Character: tutor-time resources that explore and challenge students' understanding of the key LORIC attributes: Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication.

PiXL Wellbeing: a comprehensive suite of resources to promote student wellbeing. The programme is split into three sections: My Health, My Life and My Mind.

PiXL Reading: a strategy aimed at promoting reading for pleasure and improving critical reading at Post-16.

PiXL Metacognition: resources designed to support students in being explicitly aware of how they learn and actively monitoring their own learning. 

PiXL Endurance: a strategy designed to help students develop exam related stamina and resilience in the period before they take their exams.  The strategy is focused on the whole child through the lens of the 3Cs: how to help them understand and grasp the Currency, how to help them develop their Character and how to help them create a Culture that is conducive to effective learning.

PiXL Futures: a comprehensive suite of resources to support outstanding Post-18 applications.

All PiXL resources are available electronically via the Student Shared Area and hard copies can be located in the Supervised Study Area.

The Related Documents section contains our Sixth Form Intervention Clinic timetable.

Sixth Form Subject Clinics Timetable (202KB)

Weekly intervention support clinics for Sixth Form students to attend.